Good forenoon buddy
netter at this conference I
will share about online shopping. As the
development of the
internet and the proliferation of online stores in this country and
Online Store is now an
choice because of
busyness and time
constraints make most people select to shop
online and be the perfect answer for those of you who desire
shop online but are still hesitant about the
security furthermore
kenyamananya , and
Ekiosku.Com verified as
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safe and fun. This new era
in which the desires of the
online world is rapidly
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protected buying and
online then I propose you
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his know-how over the
last 3 years is sufficient to
verify that Ekiosku.Com so
locations selling purchase
online safe and enjoyable. supply a
broad variety of services
products gear and
provision to household
electrical devices goods and furthermore
gatget, such as:
publications, Accessories,
Computers, wireless, DVD,
and so forward. All types of
goods traded
differentiated founded on
respective class, so that
buyers can search for, choose and sort the
items with ease.

The gains from trading online protected fun

- Number of goods

- System setup stalls and goods very simple to use.

- Protection of personal
data with a PIN code.
communal networking to
- Feature share (share) for
the advancement by
social networks Facebook and Twitter.

- Customer service is amicable and ready to
help at any time.
- And of
course there are
numerous interesting
characteristics that you can profit from

Ekiosku.Com trail
formation is one of the
businesses selling online
inception began when
three juvenile persons come
simultaneously to pattern
the coalition Fleet group
makes some websites 2.0,
include: ~
~ ~
as well as some other
tasks. As time moves by one of
colleagues (Ekiosku.Com)
experienced fraudulent
transactions through e-
commerce. Since then we tertekad supply a secure
ecommerce stage then
was born
junction account with the
fee system and
received a affirmative answer from the public in
the year June 27, 2011 we
made in the
pattern of lawful entity
with a vision wants to set
up, supply market safe online
in Indonesia, with the
motto “Buying and
trading online is
protected, snug, and fun”
and Ekiosku.Com has verified to all buyers. It
furthermore presents
service kiosks
FREE & FREE to connect a
charge to the seller.
We are an innovative, dynamic and consistent in
their field. Fully pledged
to supply the best for our
users and will not cease to
innovate and extend to
make improvements of our services.

So my review of the
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